Monday, 10 October 2011

A better weekend

I'm pleased to report that my son has had a much better weekend foodwise. I was getting really paranoid after his childminder said he was an amazing eater. His favourite foods that we make at the moment are croquettes, patties or veggie burgers. I think he likes the consistency of them. Got a great recipe for spinach and sundried tomato croquettes which even me and his dad enjoy.
Found a way of getting him to eat more veggies - mixing them with mash. He loves mash potato so I just cook up some veggies until they're really soft and disguise them in the mash. Works a treat!
We went to a Baby Sensory party at the weekend. Healthy eating went out the window once he saw all the cakes and sandwiches - he's a real carbs boy just like his dad. It's amazing how fast he can eat when given biscuits or cakes!
Also positive is the fact that he's started eating properly with a spoon. I thought it would be useful to encourage with a new baby on the way - the more independent he is, the better really.
Only problem that emerged this weekend, is that he's suddenly decided that he hates napping in his cot during the day. Definitely need to sort this before my due date - I'll need the rest!

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