Saturday, 29 October 2011

Unfussy toddler!

I'm seriously thinking that I may need to rename this blog as my son has started to eat everything I give him now, thank goodness. However he still won't touch banana or spag bol which is really weird as banana was the first thing I introduced him to. One of the really successful things I tried last week was a salmon spread. I always wanted the LO to like fish as both my husband and I really love fish. Also I found that his love of bread was so great that, when presented with a sandwich, he would pull out all the fillings like ham and tomato and just eat the bread which I didn't feel was great, nutritionally. I just whizzed up a tin of boneless salmon with ricotta, lemon juice and red onion and spread it on a bagel. He loved it.

This week's meals:
Monday - = Milk and wheetabix with raisins
L = Bagel and salmon spread /Tinned peaches
D = Scrambled egg and toast

Tuesday - Milk and Ready Brek
L =Pasta with chicken and mushrooms / Grapes
D = Crumpets

Wednesday - Milk and stewed apple, yoghurt and porridge oats
L = Cheese and Broccoli pasta / Rice pudding
D = Jam sandwiches

Thursday - Milk and rice Krispies
L - Minced lamb shepherds pie / Stewed pear and custard
T - Red Pepper dip and vegetables

Friday - Milk - Wheetabix
L = Sausage, mash, peas and gravy / Angel delight
T - Jacket Potato and beans

Tip - check out Tesco's real food planner on their website. I saw it advertised the other day and tried the menu planner tool for budget meals. It's really useful.

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