Monday, 3 October 2011

Fussy snacker

Just thought I'd share LO's fussiness today. Some days everything has to be so precise. I've been trying to encourage him to eat cheese for ages and today he did! At a playgroup, they served tiny cubes that were so small you could hardly see them but he ate them. I also tried to give him a piece of satsuma but you'd think I'd given him a piece of liver! My friend's baby also pulled a rather disgusted face too. He ate his lunch which was a miracle. I gave him spinach and sundried tomato croquette with mashed potato (containing cunningly disguised courgette which I had whizzed into a puree). He loved it. Found some chocolate and raisin organic bars for a snack. i don't normally give too many treats but I fancied a coffee and a cake. He'd play merry hell if he didn't get some of my cake so I got him one of these bars which definitely distracted him. At dinner time, I made the mistake of giving him jacket potato with the skin on - never again - I now have a potato skin collage on my wall!


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