Friday, 14 October 2011

This week's menu

Thought it might be useful to post my son's menu over the last week. I know that I would find it useful when menu planning to see what other people feed their children -

Monday B = 6oz milk, mango and yoghurt.
L = Chicken Casserole and mash
T = Hummus and Pitta Bread
Bedtime= 6 oz milk

Tuesday: B = 6OZ milk, 2 wheetabix
L = Macaroni cheese, Stewed apple and custard
T = Ham sandwiches and salad
Bedtime= 6 oz milk

Wednesday: B = 6 0z milk, cheerios
L = Roast chicken dinner, Jelly
T = Scrambled egg on toast
Bedtime= 6 oz milk

Thursday: B = 6oz milk, 2 wheetabix
L= Chicken and veg pie with mash, Rice pudding
T = Vegetable soup

Friday: B = 60z milk, banana and toast
L = Lentil soup
T = Muffin with cottage cheese

With regards to snacks, I don't generally give them as 3 meals tend to be enough for him. He sometimes gets them if we are at a toddler group or out and about.


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