Friday, 7 October 2011

News to me!

My son started at a new childminder this week - prior to this he had been at nursery. I was disappointed to take him out of nursery as I liked the idea of him interacting with lots of other kids but finances must!
The childminder must have thought I was the world's fussiest mum. I sent a huge list over with loads of do's and don't regarding his food habits. There is a reason for this. As I mentioned in my last post, my son has the most irritating habit of pooing in the night. He has also suffered from regular bouts of stomach upsets, which again affect his nighttime sleeping. I have spent ages reading how to solve these sorts of problems. Family and friends always said the obvious - cows milk intolerance but I was convinced this wasn't the problem. However, Ive never switched him onto cows milk, he's still on 1plus formula. Other demands to childminder included - no fruit after 1.00pm, cooled water only (no juice), sterilised beakers, no beef (Im convinced he has an intolerance to this), carbs for tea, no snacks (Im paranoid about his weight as his dad has a love of pies!), the list goes on .......
After his first week at the childminders, she told me that he eats everything she gives him and that he's good as gold! That's all news to me


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